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BODHI SEES THE WORLD: Thailand (Hardcover)

BODHI SEES THE WORLD: Thailand (Hardcover)

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Travel with Bodhi through seek-and-find illustrations as she takes a plane, boat, and tuk-tuk to explore a new country and culture in vibrant, bustling Bangkok, Thailand.

Bodhi is high above the clouds, in a plane on her way to Thailand. She’s never been to the city named Bangkok, and she’s not certain what sights, sounds, and experiences await her there. Stepping into the streets, Bodhi suddenly finds herself a long way from home and not sure if she belongs in this new place. The city is a symphony of noises with horns beeping, engines roaring, and people speaking in Thai.

But after visiting the golden temple and quieting her mind, Bodhi begins to see that Thailand is not that different from home after all. Trees still grow tall, kids play games just like her friends, and a smile is the same in every language. With this new outlook, Bodhi opens her heart to the kindness and compassion already within and realizes that even though she is far away from the place she calls home, she is right where she belongs amongst the busy streets, Loi Krathong celebrations, and floating markets of Bangkok.
Bodhi Sees the World shares with children:
• A list of facts and information about the important landmarks and places Bodhi visits, including the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, the Chao Phraya River, and the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.
• How to say basic greetings and phrases in Thai.
• And introduces a new culture and customs.

By Marisa Aragón Ware
Published by Bala Kids
Age Recommendation 3-7 years