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Our Story

Painting in Overalls

Now that my husband and I have a son of our own, I always find myself constantly searching for products like books, and toys that speak to a child who is racially diverse to keep both of his heritages and traditions alive, in a world that often ask us to “Just pick one”. Our kids are so much more then just their skin tone and hair. With much support and inspiration from other mothers and parents, I decided to open a Children’s store that has the products I was looking for myself for my son. A store that caters and speaks multi-cultural and diversity from children’s apparel, to toys and gifts. As parents we just want to make sure our kids grow up showing pride, kindness, feel seen, are heard, and understood. We live in a nation and world that is made up of different vibrant cultures truly our mission is to create a space where multicultural families and their diverse backgrounds are highlighted. 

We hope you and yours will visit our Children’s store frequently and share your experience with friends and family. With Gratitude -Li’l Penguin.